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Mattress Brands Ratings November 9, 2016

Sleep is an important factor to living a healthy life. Sleep to some reasonable extent, determines how long one might live. It is very important for every mankind to sleep. The big question is where can I sleep? Sleeping on matrasses will be the best option if you care to sleep healthy and comfortably. Matrass is a case that contains material or items which you can sleep on. There are several factors that one needs to put into consideration before getting the best mattress.

Having aches and pains on getting up from sleep? Having a good sleep in someone’s house or hotel room? The purchase of a matrass requires the basic knowledge of the following:

SIZE: This depends on the availability of space in your apartment, the number of people that want to make use of the matrass and also important the amount you are willing to spend on the matrass. There are different sizes such as twin, Queen, King, California king and the host of others.

MATRASS AND BOX SPRING: A new matrass should be placed on a new box spring. This can make the warranty of your newly acquired matrass invalid, make your sleep uncomfortable and pose a great risk to the life span of your matrass.

THE CONTENT OF THE MATRASS: It is up to you to choose whether you want an inner spring or a foam. The two can also be combined for your sake.

FIRM OR SOFT: Find the matrass that best suits you. Note that a very firm matrass is good for the support of your body as well as the spine. On the contrary, too soft matrass has more disadvantages than disadvantages.

There are different types of matrasses, these are: foam matrasses, gel matrasses, air matrasses, innerspring matrasses, Futon matrasses and box spring matrasses


There are different brands of matrasses just like the types. I will talk about the brands subsequently.


For the past 8 decades, Setra has continued to manufacture matrasses of high quality that is a replica of the modern bed innovation and technology to give a sound and healthy sleep. Setra is the best matrass company in America and a giant in the global matrass industry at large. Setra has different matrasses line such as Setra’s Perfect Sleeper, Setra’s iComfort matrasses, and iSeries. All these are designed to give a hitch free night and sound sleep.


This brand has gone through the thick and thin. It has been in existence for the past 136 years. The experience has made them learn from sleepers and have virtually all the types of matrasses that best suit each individual sleeper.


When it comes to comfort, new and quality products that is a perfect description of Lane. The brand boasts of over 2500 different mattress reviews and sets of matrasses. Lane matrasses are made in such a way that they help to reenergize, and rejuvenate the sleepers’ body. This helps the sleeper to start a new day afresh.


Affordability, quality and comfort is the watchword of this brand of matrass. They have matrasses at relatively cheap prices, virtually every household can afford one. They have different types of matrasses available for purchase.

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